Sand & Aggregate

Recycled and Cleaned Materials

Ideal for your new build, landscaping, driveway or garden.

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We sell both screened and recycled sand.

Our screened sand (also known as fill sand) is specified as 2A category, meaning it is good for compacting. This sand is also used for sandblasting and is hugely in demand from Water Corporation as it meets all the specification of their criteria.

When the rubbish received as construction & demolition waste is recycled and separated, any sand collected is sold as recycled sand.

For lab reports please contact the office.

Screened sand and recycled sand.
gravel delivery available


Widely used in the construction industry for a variety of purposes.

Used in:

  • Road Construction
  • Mixing with asphalt
  • Construction Fill
  • Concrete blocks, Bricks and Pipes
  • Landscaping
  • Roofing Shingles
  • On Icy Roads
  • Railroad Ballasts
  • Water Filtration

Soil Conditioner / Top Soil

Mainly used as top soil or soil conditioner/fertiliser suitable for all garden and plants. Fully organic without any mix of chemicals. Soil conditioner is perfect for your garden as it keeps your soil loose and full of loft, allowing for better root systems.

recycled garden mulch
mulch for your garden


Wood and Green waste is shredded at site and made into mulch. This mulch is widely used to:

  • Retain moisture in the soil
  • Suppress weeds
  • Keeps the soil cool
  • Make the garden bed look more attractive
  • Also helps improve soil fertility

Recycled Crushed Concrete/Hotmix

Bricks and concrete are crushed and recycled to make this product.

Widely used as roadbase and drainage materials by all customers.

Recycled hotmix is widely used as substitute to 0-20mm crushed concrete.

Crushed concrete and brick chips


Limestone is a rock with enormous diversity of uses.

  • Construction Fill
  • Roadbases
  • Railroad ballasts
  • Landscaping
  • Used as aggregate in concrete
  • Fired in kiln with crushed shale to make cement

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