Waste Recovery & Recycling

Saving the environment by collecting, recycling and re-using waste

Waste Collection


PRR operate DWER licenced Material Recovery Facilities (MRF), landfill and waste transfer stations in metro and regional areas of Western Australia. PRR specialises in the collection (skip bins), transport and recycling of construction and demolition materials from the Metro, Peel and south west areas. Bulk C&D waste material can also be delivered for recycling and reprocessing to any of our facilities.
Peel Resource Recovery has the ability to turn mixed construction and demolition material into a variety of re-usable and valuable products therefore diverting material from landfill and saving our natural resources.


Recycling rates of 98% of construction material and 95% of demolition material is currently achieved and with our commitment to recycling this will only improve. We also operate our own fleet of skip bins and trucks (West Coast Waste) that service residential and commercial builders from Perth to Augusta.


Our vision is to continue to develop, implement and maintain innovative and sustainable waste management practices while still being considered as a leader in the recovery and recycling of materials from the construction and demolition waste stream.


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We are currently achieving recycling rates of 95% of construction and 90% of demolition material, diverting waste from landfill and saving our natural resources.

Peel Resource Recovery Picking Station

Recycling Facilities

Peel Resource Recovery are the specialists in the recycling of construction and demolition materials from the Southwest, Peel and Perth Regions.

Our 10-man Material Recovery Facility (Picking Station) with associated Trommel and Pan feeders removes all contamination, and separates the waste into numerous recycled products such as sand, cardboard, paper, steel, brick and concrete.

  • Sand – on-sold
  • Brick, glass and concrete – on-sold as new products
  • Cardboard and paper – sent to recycling
  • Ferrous/nonferrous materials sent to recycling

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